"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Parallel between Solomon and Hyung Jin: King's Failure to Exalt the Temple

Solomon & Hyung Jin
In the Period of Divided Kingdom the kingdom was already established in the midst of the satanic culture. Thus, separation of good and evil was necessary. Since they failed to divide the evil ideological influence from their faith, kings were invaded by the satanic ideologies and practices. God was obligated to carry the course of separation on good and evil, thus the kingdom divided.

We are at the same point, CIG started, but we live in the satanic world. UC has to cleanse itself from all unprincipled influences - all the influence of Humanism, Selfishness, Negativity, Criticism, Gossiping and other practices that give common base with low spirit world and prevent the substantial society of true love to emerge. But let's not forget, in this period of substantial restoration the central fight is all about accepting or denying the lineage of True Parents. To say it directly, the world now divides based on one principle, who denies True Parents and who accepts them. As Father said:
"You should know how important.. True Parents are. You have an obligation to believe in True Parents even if you may not believe in your nation and the president, your teachers, your parents, or your brothers and sisters. You should know that the concept of True Parents contains the idea of the salvation of hell and the evil world of Satan." Book Two - True Parents

Parallel with the United Kingdom 120 yrs

Parallels of History seems to apply for our course too. After the 12 years (2000-2012) of Coronations and establishing the Temple, TF ascended to the Spiritual World and his descendants divided the Church.
What was central for the period of United Kingdom (120 yrs)?
3 CORONATIONS and building the TEMPLE:  
What was central for the 12 yrs (2000 to 2012)?
3 CORONATIONS and building the TEMPLES (3 for the OT/NT/CT): 
Why we See this Parallel:OT - At the end of this period Solomon failed!
NT - After the 120 yrs descendants of Charlemagne divided the Kingdom!
CT - After the 12 yrs Hyungjin divided UC
These 12 years correspond to the 120 years of establishing the Jewish Kingdom and 120 years of establishing the Christian Kingdom. After this 12 years starts the Divided Kingdom, where the children divided it - good and evil became clearly separated (like oil and water).

Why was Hyungjin  Inaugurated 3 times? It represents the 3 kings, who failed. Did Hyungjin restore that failure? No! He REPEATED the failure; he showed disbelieve in TP (The Temple in Substance)!

Parallel between Solomon and Hyung Jin

Same like Solomon, Hyungjin was crowned with the responsibility to build the Temple and "serve God's will", thus, "enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized". Replace Solomon with Hyungjin in DP p. 429 and you'll read:
"If at that time King Solomon (Hyungjin) had served God's will to the end, he could have unified all the Eastern countries.. he could have formed a worldwide territory enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized. However, due to the fall of King Solomon (Hyungjin), God had to work.. tearing down his monarchic society."
Thus, because of Solomon's (Hyungjin's) failure the period of Divided Kingdom started. But what exactly was Solomon's (Hyungjin's) failure? We read, that he "was to realize God's Word... erect the temple... and exalt it" (DP p.413). "But because King Solomon (Hyungjin) worshiped the gentile gods.. the Kingdom was divided" (DP p. 416).

I saw spiritually how Hyungjin was invaded by these evil angels, he believed their lies. We see how he ended following the negative, agressive model of InfoWars, instead of Father's teaching. This is parallel with the 'spirit worshiping' in the Period of the Divided Kingdom. 

We are not repeating the failures, we follow the course of substantial restoration:

40 yrs (1920-1960) | Exit Satan's lineage / Enter God's lineage (First Couple)
40 yrs (1960-2000) | Expand the realm of God's lineage (Spread the Blessing to 400 mill)
12 yrs (2000-2012) | Kingdom: Coronations and Build the Temple (Foundation to start CIG)
40 yrs (2013-CIG start) | Division: Separate all Satanic elements expand the Good
21 yrs  | Inherit: Amidst Satan's Culture - Take all technology & skills; destroy their idols
40 yrs  | Reformation: Center on Truth & TP, not on changing Leaders (Word incarnated)

Difference between Jacob & Hyung Jin 

It was actually Mother who pushed Father to sign Hyung Jin as a king. I remember when watching TM urge Father to sign it, it reminded so much of Isaac's wife, pushing the nearly blind father to bless Jacob instead of Esau. And of course, after Isaac's death, Jacob's mother asked him to go into exile (After Father's death Mother asked Hyung Jin go into exile). But the complete difference between Hyung Jin and Jacob comes afterwords. 

"After his father's death, Jacob's mother asked him to go into exile. After Father's death Mother asked Hyung Jin go into exile."

Jacob obeyed his mother and returned victorious, gaining riches and destroying the idols. Jacob was deceived more than 10 times, yet never complained, so he became victorious. Hyung Jin, however, was invaded by Satan and started complaining, rebelling, gossiping and twisting the truth to put himself up in opposition to his mother. Just the opposite of Jacob, who even coming back to his brother, offered everything he had and humbly bowed down 7 times to his Cain. We remember how Hyung Jin went around arogantly accusing his brother. Together with Kook Jin they started court cases. Mother had to intervene, to stop this insanity. And now Kook Jin is even Talking of killing True Mother.

Invaded by Satanic Ideologies

Just as God warned Cain, "sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it," Father blessed Hyungjin.. "the pain of this sin will come upon you, but you have to achieve victory over this historic resentment. See, Father's prayer over Hyungjin's Inauguration. And Father was very clear:

If you separate from your parents.. that's a satanic act." FatherThe True Pattern of Family life, 3-7-75

After establishing the Kingdom we are responsible to expand it's ideal in the Satanic world (establish substantially God's Kingdom - CIG). To do that, the chosen people have to separate themselves from the fallen influence from outside and within themselves. Swedenborg describes best the trades of Sanctuary Church that we ought to separate from:

"The state of people... who focused on evil, who had no conscience... because their evil impulses force them to break out into wicked deeds - into contempt for others, into jeering and blasphemy, hatred, and vengefulness. They cook up plots, some of them with such ingenuity and malice that you would scarcely believe anything like this existed in any human being. In short, they lose their ability to reason. Still, to themselves they seem to be wiser than anyone else." Swedenborg

In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel the Kings were invaded by satanic ideologies. Today's fallen world ideology is Humanism (Relativism)Many members, including Hyung Jin, do not really understand what's wrong with Humanism.

Humanism is the fruit of the physical mind over the spiritual mind. It's a reversal of dominion; False logics over True Love; Child over his Mother. Wrong neurological connections resulting from their trapped emotions imprisoned them in that low state of negativity.

There are enough signs that Hyungjin was influenced by other religions and deviated from the Principle, not understanding TF's words:

* Hyungjin talks against the Muslims - instead of following Father's Unificationism

* Hyung Jin was to exalt the Word; Instead he puts himself over the Word

* Hyung Jin was to exalt True Love; Instead he uses Gossiping and teaches to Judge others

* Hyung Jin was to exalt True Parents (the Substantial Temple) - yet, he invests all his energy to destroy the position of True Parents,

* Hyung Jin was to keep the Pure Lineage: Instead he made a Satanic ceremony to separate from TP's lineage and engraft in the lineage of a fallen women, Mrs. Kang.

* Hyung Jin denied the value of the Blessings TF has given. Many Sanctuary Church members even divorced and he blessed them with other members.

* Hyung Jin  invests all his energy to destroy and divide UC.

* Hyung Jin was to exalt goodness - yet, he multiplies; Resentment, Fear, Threats, Confusion, Accusations, Division, Gossiping, Manipulation, Disrespect to Parents, Rebellion... these are the characteristics of Sanctuary Church. Good is the opposite; Love, Unity, Harmony, Obedience, Respect. The Principle is clear, "History developed towards good by constantly... separating good from evil." (p. 426)

As Father says,
"God seeks peace and unity, whereas Satan seeks conflict and division. The world is at a crossroads, where one path leads to prosperity and the other to destruction." Father, CBG

The Period of Divided Kingdom
Spiritual Reasons for Division
Sanctuary Church King Hyungjin Moon Unification Church Family Federation Sanctuary Church
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