"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church: Between Fear and Love

Sanctuary Church 
Guided by Fear, not Love

"Human  beings  need  True  Parents.. The fundamental task to connect  us  to  the  axis  of  true  love  has been completed for the first time in history.  This  is unprecedented  in  history, and it will not be repeated in the future. You should know this clearly." (CSG-I p. 343)

Father's words are enough to discredit Hyung Jin's false teachings.  John K. shares, "When H2 calls our Mother the "Whore of Babylon" he's completely lost me, irretrievably." Listening to Hyung Jin's vulgar language against Father's followers, calling them 'stupid and insignificant', 'pumps', 'cowards'.. makes me wonder:
(1) If H2 has any idea how broad range of organizations Father have created.
(2) Is H2 aware how much sacrifice those members have made. 
All these organizations have their own structure. There is no King to dominate them. They are all created to serve the world, not a one man's egocentric self-glorifying desires. But there are Historic Reasons for this Division

COMMENT: "TC, Need to know Who True Parents Are, not just as their physical Parents, but as The Saviors, and as The Embodiment of HF." - Juan

Hung Jin is the one Changing Father's Words

Does Hyung Jin believe Father's words, "Human  beings  need  True  Parents.. The fundamental task to connect  us  to  the  axis  of  true  love  has been completed for the first time in history.  This  is unprecedented  in  history, and it will not be repeated in the future. You should know this clearly." (CSG-I p. 343) Read also, TRUE PARENTS ARE ETERNAL
Father, "We are True Parents"
Hyung Jin, "Not, me and Yeonah are true parents"
Any such quote is enough to discredit Hyung Jin. Father says he and Mother are "the axis of true love.. it will not be repeated in the future", but Sanctuary Church denies that. They say, "There’s no way Father and Mother could have a marriage of true love because their essences are so different." Kerry Williams' Letter
Father, "True Parents are the axis of true love"
Sanctuary Church, "No true love is possible between them"
Hyung Jin says, TF and TM are not the True Parents, instead he and his wife are.. What! Did he ever read Father's words? Did he forget Father specifically warned him not to deny TP and not to proclaim himself a new center? 
Father, "You must become one with True Mother"
Hyung Jin, "You must stop following Mother"
Father, "On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."
Hyung Jin, "I'm the king, Mother should obey me" 
Father, "If TC claim they are the new center, you must not follow"
Hyung Jin, "I'm the new center, you should follow me" 
There are so many examples of Sanctuary Church denying and reversing Father's words - opposing Father in everything he said. For example, SC takes the quote of 'Eve being wife of God' and forgets quotes, such as "God.. is both our Father and Mother. The core is the parents." CSG p. 58 and "Externally, God resembles men and internally He resembles women." p. 59 They neglect even DP explanation about God as harmonious unity of Yang and Ying. 

  • DP: "God is the harmonious unity of the Dual Characteristics"
  • Father: "God is Father and Mother"
  • Hyung Jin: "God is only male"

TC also need time to grow and mature. Some will, Hyung Jin couldn't - lost faith on the way. Adam was also not fallen, but deviated before perfection. Luckily H2 has True Parents. Adam and Eve didn't. There was no one to save them.

What are the Ramifications of SC Multiplication of Evil

Yes, Hyung Jin is changing Father's teachings, replacing them with his own Old Testament theology. In his 'kingdom' love is replaced with 'judging' and even 'killing"; 'witnessing' with 'multiplication of negativity'. They enjoy the idea of a kingdom where the 4 Fallen Natures reign supreme. With the time nothing will be left from Father's teachings, tradition and organization.

Sanctuary Church are only good in vicious rumors, repeating like broken machines that, Mother is talking, believing and doing something against TF, that she supposedly changed Holy Textbooks. They create such nonsense rumors and then it's very very hard for them to deal with the ugly image they created. 

Yet, Sanctuary Church are so blind to look at all the ramifications and destruction they bring for God's providence. Read, My Dream with Mother and Hyung Jin to grasp the spiritual reasons.

Staying with the disobedient, unfaithful son Hyung Jin and chanting H2 loves Father, while he is doing just the opposite. Denying Father's words, changing Father's tradition, hating Father's followers. They are unable to deal with the fact that Mother is doing great things, Family Federation is very successful in witnessing and many other projects, while Sanctuary Church is doing absolutely nothing for God's providence.

Are Sanctuary Church really united with TF

Are Sanctuary Church being united with TF? Words and actions of Hyung Jin show just the opposite! Let's compare his words, attitude, heart and traditions with those of Father, to see how much he INHERITED.

(1) Is Hyung Jin definitively chosen inheritor of Father's mission. Furst of all, this is mission, not a matter of being chosen for it, but more important to do it, which Hyung Jin is not. But let's see; TF says the one will be accepted by all. Hyung Jin is actually disliked by majority of UC members. Definitely not 'The Inheritor'. TF also said, at present Hyung Jin is the most united with True Parents, but obviously, no more. Father blessed him to strive his best to represent True Parents, but he decided to deny them and glorify himself instead, as 'false true parents'. Bravo!  (Definitely not TP embodiment, but false representative instead)

(2) Did Hyung Jin inherited same attitude and heart? Fact! He is dividing! Fact! He is negative (constant hate-talk and labeling)! Fact! He dwells on Gossips and Fear! Bad! Very Bad! Definitely Hyung Jin didn't inherit Father! Read, HYUNG'S FALSE CLAIMS OF SUCCESSION

(3) Did Hyung Jin inherit TPs Tradition? Oops, he is actually changing all traditions created by Father. Hyung Jin is definitely not united with TF. 

(4) Is Hyung Jin united with Father's teachings? Nop! He openly talks that Father's teachings of tithing are 'Satanic' and Father's Family Pledge is 'Enslaving'. Now is clear, he actually dislikes Father's teachings. 

Why H2 feels he should change things Father established

It is tragic that Hyung Jin decided he's better than True Parents. Pity! But I don't understand why he feels he has full authority to change so many things TF established and he said should not be changed. But Hyung Jin just does not care about Father's words and tradition. I can only hope he matures some day.

Hyung Jin blames everything that happened after Father's Ascension on Mother. But he is focused on small, external things to accuse, failing to see the great and beautiful future. People who love to complain always will find what to complain for. This is a wrong mindset; proving Hyung Jin is not the right heir.

Sanctuary Church: Clique of all Failed Members

Yes, Hyung Jin failed, now is resentful and is surrounding himself with others who failed and deviated. For example, TF chose Rev Yoo to teach OSDP. He also turned against Mother. Richard Panzer did many mistakes, lost money as UTS president, became negative and now follows the king of the failed UC members.

Thanks God, Mrs Kang came to Sanctuary Church to teach them a bit about witnessing, but I doubt they will act on it. God does not support negative people, as Mrs. Kang told them herself. Jim Stephens and Hiromi Stephens and Tadashi Igarashi and Hope Igarashi are other formerly good members, who failed and became negative.

You see, once failed they get invaded by Satan. Their minds change. Seems like they never knew DP. They get so off. Their logic is only cycling in whatever they can find to accuse. Under these Trapped Emotions they become totally dysfunctional.

This is just my honest reporting of the facts. Choose between Fear and Love; True Parents are the axis of Love, Hyung Jin and Yeonah are the axis of Fear.
"The Fall gave rise to gaps between light and darkness, front and back, and left and right, but true love can traverse them all." CSG, The Means to Realize World Peace



  1. i pity the position of every member. be it the UC or the SC. I guarantee one thing and that is disunity. a word that I can never never imagined to happen after 35 years of being a member. I loved TF and TM . but seeing these nasty things in our church what lies ahead? destruction and evil dominated. and who wins?? Your guess is good as mine! God bless us all.

    1. Your comment shows only confusing - result of ignorance of DP. If you know DP, you know this is needed course of restoration. If you believe TF, you understand that he didn't say in vain that Hyung Jin will turn into resentment. Surely, Father himself mobilized these evil spirits to attack him.

      Such a mass Resurrection process is mobilized at the moment. Even the bottom of Hell has to be resurrected for CIG to stand. And what ignorant mind can expect, that would happen without shaking the earth. Don't be funny, Read WHY WE LIVE IN THE PERIOD OF DIVIDED KINGDOM Why we are in the Dividing Period


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