"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church: Free your Heart from Negativity

Free your Heart from Negativity
Unification Family Therapy: Resonance of Heart

My wish is to solve problems without negativism, but with love. I see that all problems result from ignorance. Underneath, the Original Mind of the people is wonderful, just have to liberate it. Love is the way. Thinking negatively of others will just block my heart towards them, and spiritually keep them under these evil forces, that made them act wrongly. To manifest God, we have to spread our love in all directions:
“God is at the center of your heart… God is the root of love.. we cannot feel Him.. because He and we are one. He is one with love, life, lineage and conscience. If you want to manifest God, you have to spread your love in all four directions.” CSG Book 1. God p.28
Heart above Concepts
Our concepts about good and evil, determine how our Conscience works, how we decide our actions, and how we connect to God, or deviate. But the moment our heart is obsessed with pain, we find difficult to love, even if we know it's the right thing. Now physical mind takes subject position and starts giving us thousands of reasons why our negative feelings are excused. It's starts judging externally and blaming it all on the other person. You see, spirit mind is thus subjugated - the Evil Mind comes out.

The evil mind is not the person himself. When physical mind is over the spiritual mind, automatically there is a four position foundation under Satan. Man becomes channel for evil spirits. Under the physical mind, whatever he does, will be expression of the Four Fallen Natures - no matter how good the motivation is. But the moment his spirit mind shifts to Subject position, the very same person will express the most amazing and unique Original Mind and Heart.

Resonance of Heart:
If there is negative resonance around us it will make us think negatively, see everything in a negative light and have negative feelings. That will project in the environment. Please note: Seeing negatively is not to see from God's point of view, but "failure to take the standpoint of God in loving others" - the First Fallen Nature. Where will that lead? To leave our position, rebel and reverse dominion, finally start multiplying evil.

The opposite, when we are in the resonance of love, nothing can bother us. Even if people do mistakes, or hurt us, we still feel nothing but love. My wife may sometimes react on me, but I feel nothing but love for her. Someone tries to accuse me, but my heart feels overwhelmed by God's love and light. So, the more the person does it, the more I feel God. I can only feel grateful to that person. And of course, soon I find, that this liberated his heart and he stopped doing that.

Sometimes I wonder, "God, did you come down and teach him to change?" In this moment I realize that God loved us both the whole time. He was the one that surrounded my heart with love. His Heart is always there, to help everyone grow towards love. When we experience that, how can we ever go negative?

From Fear to Doubt and Negativity
Why negative people ask very negative questions? Whey they stir so much doubt and fear? Their analytical (critical) part of the brain dominates as Subject. Principle explains, that first we have to connect with God's heart, than use reason and intuition to understand His Will. When physical mind (brain) reverses dominion over our spirit, all goes wrong. Analytical brain goes against God's Heart. Dominion is reversed inside of us. 

Look at the Negative Questioning about Mother. I wanted to include them in the article, but they have such a low, negative, resonance of heart... it's painful to read them... they obsess the heart with doubts and fear. We have to learn that such resonance and doubtful heart never come from God, but from very low spirit world. Don't be channels for Satan anymore. It's not outside, the shift is within ourselves.

Negative feelings can obsess your heart
Why such questions obsess our hearts with low resonance? Satan cannot work without objects. Evil spirits (under Satan) influence people on earth with their low resonance, whispering negative thoughts in their minds. Feeling this negative resonance they cannot but accept all those negative thoughts the evil spirit will tell them. It's like tuning to 'Radio-station Satan'. 

Imagine where would that lead with the time? Gradually, like the 'boiling frogs', they will be carried of in Satan's world, without noticing. What is principle, Satan will make them see as unprinciple. What is evil, Satan will make them see as the highest good. You see that in Communism, you see that in Humanism, you see that in the Sancuarian phenomena.

Blessing in Disguise
The spiritual message of Jouhn of Ark, gives two essential point for our spiritual growth. Working with True Father in the spirit world, she explains that all difficulties we face are 'Blessing in Disguise'. Instead of getting negative, when things turn against us, we should be thankful.

First, God's blessing will come to us through the people who reject us. Don't judge externally - blaming the people and the circumstances. That's what physical mind does. That's what turns us negative. This will only subjugate us under Satan. Keep faith in the Principle, 'gladly endure', this is God's 'Blessing in Disguise'. If you don't know this Principle, it is impossible to do Returning Resurrection. Instead you will be obsessed by the evil spirits and their negative views and aims. Instead of liberating them, you'll be dragged by them in their Hell.

Second, we have to be able to go to Hell, feel these feelings... yet, not be influenced by them. Learn to dominate them, not be afraid of them. Learn to overcome them and influence the environment with higher resonance, rather than be drown down to their low resonance. This is how we come to dominate spirits and dominate Satan. If people are not able to do that, they are still not qualified as rightful Subjects over the Angelic world; Meaning, still spiritually immature; still not capable to be citizens of CIG. 

Return Resurrection of Resentful Spirits
In all ages, numerous spirits ended up in the spirit world with negative and resentful feelings. The only way for them to overcome that is to bring it to an earthly person who will be victorious to overcome it for them. 

That's why True Father prayed for his son, Hyung Jin, to take and restore all this resentment from the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. And only when he is victorious in that, Father said, he can inherit and represent the True Parents, for only TPs are the eternal center. See, FATHER PRAYED HYUNG JIN TAKE RESENTMENT OF 3 AGES

What does it mean to have resentful spirits come to you for returning resurrection? The energy field of the negative spirit merges with your energy field. His low frequency influences your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

What if these are hundreds of millions of resentful spirits? Their field completely dominates your physical mind. Their resentful spirits will overtake you. You will feel, see and act through their perspective. 

This is how Return Resurrection works. The merging will be for the period of time during which from feeling like these spirits you have to find the way to overcome these feelings. But the only way out of this swamp of hell is to recognize how wrong it is to judge, repent and see your own fault. 

But since your brain rewires in correspondence to their field, so principles you believed before will now be erased or transformed to correspond to this external negative field. All the excuses come to accuse and be resentful. Instead of resurrecting them you may sink in their hell forever. 

People who didn't win over this negative spiritual influence cannot build a good world. Why? Because evil spirits can come at any time and influence them to destroy it. That's why the Principle explains that before reaching perfection one has to face that challenge and win over Satan. The Messiah shows the model, but we all, ourselves have to subjugate Satan, only than we enter the level of Completion (Perfection of Heart - the Realm of Love - in God's dominion). 

God's Ideal World (CIG) can only Start with Perfected Citizens
Imagine CIG is already here, all people love and accept True Parents and the Principle. What happens if they are still immature - shaken and dominated by negative feelings? Means, they cannot dominate the evil spirits! At any moment the physical mind of each one of them can be invaded by evil spirits. Soon you'll see Gossiping, evil games against each other, talking and plotting against each other. Families that quarrel and rise bad children. So we will be back to Hell.

You understand, CIG cannot start without perfected citizens. You bring at one place people who's lineage is still 50% connected to Satan. Can you build CIG with them? You're joking! It's ignorance to believe such thing. DMN liberated so far around 50% of our lineage. And you expect perfection? No, we are 50% evil. We have to quickly liberate the other 50%.

What is our Responsibility
Are we already Perfect? Did we reach the Divine Spirit level of growth? If not, can we judge that others didn't do it? If we did, is our heart to accuse, that others didn't do it? You see how ignorant it is to judge and accuse each other. This is the physical mind attitude (Evil Mind). Our spiritual mind (Original Mind) will never do that.

What are the signs that we have entered the level of Divine Spirit?
“When.. the spirit man becomes a divine spirit.. the spirit man can feel and perceive everything in the invisible world. Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.” DP 62: Structure of the Spirit Man
When we enter in the Completion Stage of Growth, our spirit is enough strong subject, so everything it feels, we sense it physically. Meaning, our sensitivity is restored; Now we can feel God’s heart as our own, becoming dwelling place of God, one with God. Tuned to God's heart, we will grow through the Completion stage, to perfection of our character (Divine nature).

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